Sunday, September 12, 2004

The difference between Britain, Denmark and the US

Being a Brit who has spent the last five years living in Denmark and now lives in the US, I have a unique perspective on the differences between these countries. Of course when you get down into the details, there are a huge number of contrasts that can be drawn. However I think I have been able to distil the the fundamental difference into a simple concept: how the different countries deal with problems.

In the US, if a problem arises, the solution is to throw more people at it. In Denmark, if a problem arises, a new tax is created to solve it. In Britain if a problem arises, people go to the pub, grumble about it over a beer, then stagger home solutionless but happy.

Readers are most welcome to provide their own national approach to problem solving :-)

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Anonymous said...

How about the French way: If a problem arises, complain. Do nothing, just blame others.

/Mikkel (spent 4 years in France, 2 in the US, rest in Denmark)