Sunday, September 19, 2004


Attended the monthly meeting of the Fort Worth Java Users Group last thursday where we learnt about JXTA and P2P solutions from Daniel Brookshier who is part of the JXTA development team and has written a book on the subject. The talk was very good and for me there were a couple of things that I really took away from the meeting:

- JXTA is not a Java specific technology. It is a protocol for P2P communication, and there are already implementations in several languages.

- P2P is really a paradigm shift in distributed computing, compared to a traditional client-server architecture. This is really blowing my mind a bit, and I still don't think I have totally got my head round it.

One of the examples that Daniel referred to several times was's product lean on me that performs backup using a P2P approach. This was a good example of where a bit more thought up front yields a massive saving in initial investment since a traditional approach would involve investing in backup servers etc.

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